Italy Fishing Guide

Find out everything from transportation to the fish species found domestically.

Getting to and Around Italy

With daily flights from cities around the world, getting here is easier than you would imagine.

By Air
It is very easy to reach Italy by plane because of the always growing number of flights that serve the main cities and airports. Taking flights within Italy, from North to South, to the well-served island of Sicily or Sardinia is a fast and convenient way to go.

By Land
If you have more time on your hands and want to explore a bit, you have the option to take a train or a rental car to Italy. There are many rental companies that offer “car drop-off at a different location”. You can rent a car at Rome Airport and drop it at Catania airport for example.

By Sea
Boarding a ferry is an alternative to driving the whole boot of Italy. You can take your car with you on board and go from Genoa to Palermo or from Napoli to Catania. Ferry from Italy to the big islands of Sicily and Sardinia are available, but not suggested.

Getting to Sicily

The island is a transportation hub with six airports connecting it to the whole country and Europe.

By Air
Sicily has six airports which easily connects with the whole of Europe through its direct flights. One of them is the Vincenzo Bellini Airport in Catania which is situated right outside the city center and 20 minutes away from Mount Etna. Catania Airport has regular direct connections to UAE, particularly the Dubai-Catania flights and a direct flight to Istanbul. Catania Airport serves all the east coast of Sicily, including Siracusa, Noto, Taormina, Messina. It also connects within less than one hour and thirty minutes to Milazzo, Ragusa, and Modica. Palermo, Agrigento, Cefalù are 2 hours away by road from Catania Airport.

The Falcone Borsellino Palermo Airport is located just less than one hour from Trapani and Marsala. The Birgi Airport in Birgi is strategic for many destinations on the west coast of Sicily while the Comiso Airport is served by low-cost flights.

By Land
If you have more time on your hands and want to explore a bit, you have the option to take a rental car to Italy. There are many companies that offer rental car drop-off services in different locations. You can easily reach areas like Palermo, Agrigento, and Cefalù from the airports within two hours travel time along the highway.

By Sea
Riding an overnight ferry from Genoa to Palermo, or From Napoli to Catania an alternative to driving in Sicily. The classic way to reach Sicily is to cross the stretch of Messina from Villa San Giovanni port to Messina port.

How to Acquire a Fishing License in Italy

You can apply for one online or you can let us do the work for you

Most saltwater fishing activities do not need a specific license for foreigners and visitors. However, some specific areas and marine reserves require some permissions and fishing licenses. You can apply for an Italian fishing permit by registering at the national Sportfishing Communication.

If you decide to go on a fishing trip with us, we will gladly assist you with all the necessary papers and process. You can also contact us if you’re having difficulty with forms that are in Italian so we can provide you with important information on how to get a license on a specific place that you want to fish. Please take note that freshwater fishing is completely different and often requires a license.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our extensive FAQs section before making a reservation

We want your fishing to be as wrinkle-free as possible so we compiled the most commonly asked questions for you to have a clear understanding of our services. Please go through the FAQs by simply clicking topics you're interested in. Should you have other questions not included here, please feel free to contact us and we'll respond as soon as possible.

Normally there is more than one fishing place available. We will always try our best to suggest you the best option in terms of fishing (season, fish target, fish activity, fishing spots) and service based on your specific request (if you have one).

If you are already in Italy, you have the option to go to multiple locations that are easy to reach and fit your fishing adventure level. Thanks to excellent transport hubs in Italy, you can fly from the very north to the extreme south of the country and reverse in just an hour.


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