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Live bait trolling for Dentex
dentex 2
Sep 22 2018

One of the most particular techniques to practice for fishing in the mediterranean sea. Trolling a live bait for Dentex require a high knowledge of the places where fishing takes place and the elements to consider are many. The seabed shape and bathymetric, you are going to troll on; the live bait to use and […]

New trips 2018
grouper 2
Apr 26 2018

Fishing is unpredictable, never the same, not always the same rule on the same place. This is the reason why we are always trying new techniques, new depth and new places, looking for new great adventures to live with friends and guests! Great fishing, big emotions and a lot of possibilities are guaranteed with some […]

Remote places expeditions 2017
Dec 30 2017

For a trip to be considered unforgettable, some ingredients need to be present. Here we had all of them: amazing places, crazy people, good food, fun, adrenaline, and very active fish. After almost 30 years of living and fishing in Sicily, I could say that there are still a lot of o places to explore […]

Bluefin tuna fishing in Sicily
Dec 4 2017

Bluefin tuna fishing in Sicily merges with the history of this island since the prehistoric era! Bluefin Tuna always inhabited Sicilian waters, from East to West, including the small islands in the mid of the Mediterranean sea, because of its reproduction travel that starts in the Atlantic ocean. Neolithic rock painting inside caves, a Greek vessel, […]


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